BDC Lines of Credit: A Tool for Landing New Banking Clients!

A $750,000 to $3 million BDC asset-based line of credit can be the right solution for small and mid-size companies that require close monitoring due to a collateral shortfall, balance sheet leverage, or temporary losses.

BDC can set up a fully-followed line of credit and cash management system for your client, or prospective client, that allows the company to maximize cash proceeds while minimizing the risk to the bank.

BDC can participate in the loan under the line as much or as little as the bank may want, in order to minimize the bank’s risk.

The bank keeps all of the depository accounts and other banking business while lowering their risk on the loan side of the relationship.

New clients with less risk!

Another financing solution from BDC Capital.

BDC Capital, funded by banks, offers a variety of financing options. Begin your relationship today by calling an experienced Business Development Officer in your area:

Carol Brennan (WMA & CT)
20 Church St., Suite 1740
Hartford, CT 06103
office: 860-218-2912 x204
cell: 413-237-6648

Connie Karsh (Connecticut)
20 Church St., Suite 1740
Hartford, CT 06103
office: 860-218-2912 x205
cell: 203-200-7055

Nancy Gibeau (S/SE MA & RI)
30 Exchange Terrace
Providence, RI 02903
office: 401-450-0047
cell: 508-254-7891

John Figmic (East/Central MA)
500 Edgewater Dr., Suite 555 Wakefield, MA 01880
office: 781-928-1122
cell: 617-872-1193

Ray Dugdale (ME, NH & VT)
91 N. State St.
Concord, NH 04101
office: 603-573-9650
cell: 978-270-2094

Field Rider (ME, NH & VT)
120 Exchange St., Suite 205 Portland, ME 04101
office: 207-773-3104
cell: 207-749-0322