BRAC Benefits & Eligibility


The primary benefit of the BRAC Program is that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, through the Brownfields Redevelopment Access to Capital (BRAC) Fund, will contribute to (subsidize) a substantial portion of the cost of this insurance for parties/sites that meet the Program’s eligibility requirements.

BRAC Program subsidy levels may vary from time-to-time, depending upon funding available to the Program but are always significant.

Current subsidy levels are:

For private owners and developers:
50% of Eligible Premiums* to a maximum of 50,000 in subsidy.

For Public and Quasi-Public entities:
50% of Eligible Premiums* to a maximum of $150,000 in subsidy.

*Note: Eligible Premiums include only the cost of coverage for Program approved policies issued by BRAC Program Selected Insurance Carriers; and are based on the premium cost for a coverage term of up to 5-years. Longer policy terms will receive subsidy based on the cost of an equivalent 5-year policy. Eligible Premiums do not include that portion of premium costs attributed to “New Conditions” coverage and may exclude other elements of the premium charged.


Any business in, or governmental sub-division of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, can utilize the BRAC Program to defray the cost of obtaining environmental insurance for a qualifying site, from Selected Insurance Providers designated by the Program.

The only conditions are:

  1. that the property being insured is located in Massachusetts,
  2. that the property is designated by the BRAC Program as a “Brownfield”
  3. that a “Qualifying Loan” is being used to fund some aspect of the project* and
  4. that the property to be insured is being purchased, developed or redeveloped, in connection with the purchase of the insurance.

*Qualifying Loans

For purposes of the BRAC Program, Qualifying Loans are any loan, financial lease, sale-and-leaseback, conditional sale or other arrangement in the nature of a loan, extended for: the purchase, expansion, development or redevelopment of a Massachusetts Brownfield site; for the assessment, containment or removal of environmental contamination on a Massachusetts Brownfield site, or for the purchase of environmental insurance in connection with a Massachusetts Brownfield site. Note: Certain public, quasi-public and non-profit entities may be exempt from this requirement. Contact BDC Capital for details.

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