Recycling Loan Fund: Commercial Food Waste to be Banned in MA – Are You Prepared?

Is YOUR business ready to respond to the Commercial Food Waste Ban in Massachusetts?  BDC Capital Can Help!

As Massachusetts prepares to implement a plan to divert a third of the nearly 1.4 million tons of organic waste produced in the state each year, many businesses will need to acquire equipment or modify their processes to handle this waste. Beginning in 2014, hospitals, universities, large restaurants, and any business with a food production facility will be required to comply with the ban and will be barred from discarding food waste in the trash.  This may present your business with a need to finance additional equipment, storage containers, or vehicles.

Under contract with the DEP to manage the state’s Recycling Loan Fund, BDC Capital provides low cost, fixed rate financing from $50,000 to $500,000 to Massachusetts-based solid waste recycling or re-use businesses.  We offer direct loans to help you comply with the new regulations.  In addition, RLF funds can be used for any other reasonable business purpose, including equipment purchases, debt refinance, and working capital.

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