Recycling Loan Fund Helps Businesses Benefit from the Organics Ban

Is YOUR business ready to meet the challenge of converting organic waste into energy?  BDC Capital Can Help!

Massachusetts has announced a bold plan to increase the diversion and recycling of organic waste by over 350% by the year 2020. Businesses such as dairies, breweries, and other food manufacturing operations will have the opportunity to construct on-site anaerobic digestion facilities.  In addition to providing a solution for the organic waste, anaerobic digestion facilities can help businesses save on energy costs by generating clean energy.  BDC Capital can assist your business with your specific equipment financing needs.

Under contract with the DEP to manage the Recycling Loan Fund, BDC Capital provides low cost, fixed rate financing from $50,000 to $500,000 to Massachusetts-based solid waste recycling or re-use businesses.  We offer direct loans to help you comply with the new regulations.  In addition, RLF funds can be used for any other reasonable business purpose, including equipment purchases, debt refinance, and working capital.

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