What Credit Crunch?

So much talk these days about banks not making loans but, as former bankers, we know the drill. Err on the side of conservatism but still meet those goals. Partnering with the BDC can help you land a new deal, or retain and grow an existing relationship. Consider us when:

  • The term of a new loan needs to be longer than bank policy allows.
  • There is a working capital need due to conservative advance formulas or tight availability.
  • The bank will not finance certain types of fixed assets, or an advance of up to 100% is needed.
  • The amortization schedule on an existing loan is now too short because of tight cash flow.
  • The company needs a fully-followed line of credit that is below your ABL group’s minimum.
  • The line of credit has not been cleaned up for 30 days.
  • The trade is stretched.
  • The company needs capital for growth, expansion, acquisitions, or an ownership transition.

For nearly 60 years lenders have looked to the BDC for creative financing solutions. If your deal is in New England and the need is from $500M to $3 million, call us before you say “no.” From where we sit, there is no credit crunch.

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