About Us

Meet the Team

BDC Capital’s team of seasoned and skilled professionals are the best from in the industry. Our diverse and exceptional staff come from a decorated background of success in order to deliver an unparalleled level of astute performance, integrity, and service.


  • Kenneth J. Smith
    Kenneth J. Smith
  • Paul F. Flynn, Jr.
    Paul F. Flynn, Jr.
    President & CEO
  • John L. Hackett
    John L. Hackett
  • Carol Brennan
    Carol Brennan
    Massachusetts, Connecticut & Rhode Island
  • Laura Brown
    Laura Brown
    Maine, New Hampshire & Northeastern Massachusetts
  • Nancy Gibeau
    Nancy Gibeau
    Massachusetts, Connecticut & Rhode Island
  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson
    Massachusetts & New Hampshire
  • David Raccio
    David Raccio
    Connecticut, Western Massachusetts, & Vermont
  • Michael Topalian
    Michael Topalian
    Massachusetts, New Hampshire & Connecticut
  • Matthew Brothers
    Matthew Brothers
    Western Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire
  • Carol Fleit
    Carol Fleit
    Executive Vice President
  • Thomas J. Barry
    Thomas J. Barry
    Senior Vice President
  • Joe O’Garro
    Joe O’Garro
    Senior Vice President
  • Susan Forrester
    Susan Forrester
    Senior VP of Loan Administration
  • Thuy Dang
    Thuy Dang
    VP of Loan Operations
  • Miriam Wood
    Miriam Wood
    Senior Credit Officer
  • Stanley Horsman
    Stanley Horsman
  • Dave Harrington
    Dave Harrington
  • Rosemary Rosano
    Rosemary Rosano
    Vice President
  • Thomas A. Wooters, Jr.
    Thomas A. Wooters, Jr.
    Managing Director of Mezzanine Finance
  • Jarrad Herzog
    Jarrad Herzog
    Vice President
  • Barbara McGuire
    Barbara McGuire
    Commercial Loan Assistant
  • Caitlin Martell
    Caitlin Martell
    Assistant VP - Asset Based Lending
  • Scott Brunini
    Scott Brunini
    Senior Credit Analyst
  • Kathy Jauron
    Kathy Jauron
    VP Senior Administrative Officer
  • Davis Foster
    Davis Foster
    Credit Analyst
  • Nick Maini
    Nick Maini
    Credit Analyst
  • Shauna Mancinelli
    Shauna Mancinelli
    Credit Analyst